Extendicare Kawartha Lakes

How we help enrich lives

If we are going to help our residents live better, then it is our responsibility to offer them every opportunity to be actively engaged and involved. At Extendicare Kawartha Lakes, we provide social and recreational services seven days a week - including holidays. These services are designed to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of our residents. All activities are developed, organized and led by qualified staff and we offer both group and individualized services to meet residents’ unique needs and circumstances. Examples of our recreational services and activities include:

  • Serene Environment: Our entire grounds cover beautifully landscaped 5 acres with 3 secure courtyards, benches and gardens, which provide the residents with a peaceful environment.
  • 3-Day Camping Trip: Our annual 3-day camping trip to Algonquin Park is extremely popular with many of our younger residents.
  • Montessori Program: Our Montessori Program helps residents living with dementia connect with things and activities from their past. Staff members are trained in P.I.E.C.E.S., which focuses on gentle persuasion in dealing with responsive behaviours.
  • Behavioural Support Team: The Behavioural Support Team learns as much as they can about the residents past from friends and family and then tailors activities to their past history. It helps them to feel needed or useful and can help reduce and control responsive behaviours.
  • Music Therapy: Once a week, a Certified Music Therapist comes to our home to reminisce through music and song with residents. She uses a variety of instruments and songs to encourage residents to participate and talk about the songs and discuss their feelings and memories associated with the music.
  • Music and Memory: Through our Music and Memory program, residents living with dementia can have their own personal playlist loaded on an iPod and listen with earphones to their favourite music.
  • Pet Therapy: Through the weekly Pet Therapy program, one therapy dog is brought into the home twice a week for visits with residents.
  • Live Entertainment: We have regular live entertainment from the community that includes everything from sing-alongs to Elvis Impersonators, as well one Saturday a month is devoted to live Gospel music.
  • Cooking & Baking: There’s always something cooking or baking as many of our residents make preserves and bake for the Lindsay Fall Fair.
  • Gardening Program: Residents with green thumbs love our Gardening program. They tend to raised, wheelchair accessible beds filled with a variety of flowers and vegetables.
  • Junior Program: In our Junior Program, many residents enjoy the monthly trip to the community swimming pool.

We also offer a wide range of physiotherapy, cognitive, speech and occupational therapies according to the needs of our residents. Currently we offer:

  • Certified Music Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Services
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist